I have to say I am so excited!  For a couple of reasons, one, I have been wanting to add a lifestyle  section to my web site for sometime. Two, I love discovering new things to try, whether it be traveling or while I am in my home town.  To start this section off on the right foot I had a product fall into my lap literally!  As I was scrolling through Facebook my lap top fell in my lap and when I picked it up a post from a friend was staring at me.  I am intrigued because it was about CBD.  I have been wanting to try it, I need help with my sleeping habits, mood and metabolism. After talking to my friend and other people, I may have discovered the best CBD products.  Join me on my new journey of learning about CBD and experiencing a better quality of life using CBD products!

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What is CBD?


If you are like me, I was a little confused about all this talk about CBD, Hemp, Marijuana and Cannabis.  It’s not like I’m going to pretend I don’t know anything about this amazing plant, I was once a teenager and yes, experimented like most.   Hold up for one sec.  “Disclaimer to my Mother- sorry Mom” .  Here’s some information to help educate you on the in’s and out’s of Cannabis.

  • Cannabis is actually a plant family. It has two primary classifications which are Sativa and Indica.
  • Both Hemp and Marijuana are in the Cannabis family, with Hemp being in the Sativa classification.  Marijuana can be in both.
  • Hemp and Marijuana have a different appearance
  • Hemp and Marijuana have a different composition
  • THC can get you high since it has psychoactive effects. Marijuana has 15%-40%, Hemp has 0.3%
  • CBD does not get you high
  • Marijuana can be injected, smoked or inhaled into the body
  • Are CBD products legal?  To be considered legal in most states the THC in a product must be no more than 0.3%
  • In many places around the world the level of legal THC is 0.2%
  • Isolate CBD has no THC at all

What am I looking for in a hemp CBD product for myself, family and friends?  A couple of things; the best CBD Tincture, the best CBD oil for Autism, the best CBD oil for anxiety, the best CBD oil for pain, the best CBD oil for arthritis. I am also wanting the best CBD topical cream for when we travel and do a little bit of Adventure travel, need help with those sore muscles at times!

What I am looking to learn about CBD?  Pretty much everything, I believe in educating myself which will help educate my readers too!  Here are a few; the best way to take CBD, where are CBD oils legal to travel with, all CBD oil health benefits, how is CBD made…everything!

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What Can CBD Treat

This is where it gets interesting.  CBD has been raved about for treating and helping people all over the world.   Many are finding it helps with anxiety, sleeping habits, metabolism, Autism, Alzheimers, inflammation, pain, Arthritis, Parkinson and more.  Is this the natural wonder product we all have been waiting for? I hope so!!

My personal hope and why I am so interested in being an advocate for Green Compass is I pray for people prescribed Opioids will be able to turn to products with CBD instead to relieve their pain. I also pray that doctors will start advising the use of CBD to their patients.

Here is a list of only some of the conditions, illnesses, diseases and syndromes that CBD is being used for by people all over the world:

  • Autoimmune conditions and diseases (inflammation, Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  • Skin conditions and diseases (Acne, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Wounds, Itching, Bug Bites)
  • Neurological conditions (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Huntington’s Chorea, Stroke, traumatic brain injury)
  • Metabolic problems and syndrome (Metabolism, Diabetes, Obesity)
  • Neuropsychiatric illness and conditions (Autism, ADHD, PTSD, Alcoholism)
  • Gut disorders and diseases (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Crohn’s)
  • Cardiovascular dysfunction (Arrhythmia, Atherosclerosis, )
Green Compass Starter Kit

Why am I calling the Green Compass the best products already?

  • I love their farm to table philosophy with a circle of friends who have come together to develop and grow a great CBD to share.
  • I appreciate that they have total disclosure of their lab results. Friends have already tried the products with awesome personal results (see testimonials below).
  • I love their prices with a preferred customer discount option.
  • The Green Compass web site is user friendly.
  • All their products are legal CBD products
  • Their products are made with an oil carrier called MCT which is from coconut
  • Green Compass Full Spectrum CBD products for sale are available in  500mg CBD oil, 750mg CBD oil, and 1000 mg CBD oil
  • Green Compass also offers Isolate CBD oil in a 500mg Isolate CBD oil and a 750mg Isolate CBD oil
  • There is a Topical CBD cream for skin
  • There is a Topical CBD cream for muscles and joints.
  • Do you have pets?  Green Compass has Isolate CBD products for your pet! I am curious to see when we travel with our dogs!

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This article is going to be a little different.  I am actually going to be keeping somewhat of a journal that I will share here on how I find CBD helps in my life.  I have stayed away from trying other products for the following reasons.

  • Finding out they do not have the CBD testing I feel comfortable with
  • Not having an assortment of CBD strengths for me to try
  • Over Priced
  • Not enough disclosure on company
  • Bad reviews

My perliminary research has all plus signs.  Green Compass shows a true dedication to excellence on providing education on CBD.

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The Best CBD Products by Green Compass.Green Compass Natural Topical


The following are some testimonials (I will keep adding to this section also) why they think Green Compass is the best CBD oil on the market!

“When pollen season started in S.C., my 18 month old broke out in awful eczema all over his sweet little body. After 3 days of using Green Compass Soothe topical cream after his nightly bath, he was eczema free! Definitely a staple in our house, especially during pollen season!”     Jess S.



“A few weeks ago I started taking Green Compass CBD based on my desire for better overall health and wellness. I have been pleasantly surprised with an improvement in my quality of sleep!! I didn’t even realize I wasn’t getting a restful nights sleep until I was! It’s great to wake up and feel rested for the first time in years!”  Leigh Ann



“I have suffered from daunting hip joint pain for quite a while now.  It sometimes would get so bad that I couldn’t walk.  This pain has been more than an inconvenience, it has been life altering.  I recently began using Green Compass CBD 500mg oil and have added the cream this past week.  I am so pleased!  It is amazing!!! I don’t have the pain in my hip that I have had for so long! If I had to put a number on it I would say it is 90% improved just after a few weeks of my oil/cream regimen!!! I am beyond excited and would recommend this to anyone suffering from joint pain!”     Connie



“I have Fibromyalgia and was taking antidepressant and Motrin to treat it.  I have been using 500 mg full spectrum for about 6 weeks and am loving life.  I have taken myself off all my medication.  It is so nice to be able to wake up, get out of bed pain free”   Nancy



“I’ve been using CBD oil for over a year now to help me sleep and calm my nerves when needed. I’ve tried many different brands over that time. My daughter offered me to try Green Compass and I was blown away by how quick it worked compared to the other brands I’ve tried. And I wake up feeling even more rested. Green Compass is the highest quality of CBD I have tried. And I am really impressed they don’t outsource any of their production. That says a lot about their commitment to their consumer. Highly recommend.”     Jan



“I have had extensive damage to both my knees throughout the years, one knee I have broken so severely that I have bolts holding it together.  The other knee has also been hurt over the years.  I have raised horses and have seen and felt my share of kicks.  I received my order from Green Compass, tried it for two days and can not believe the difference.  The pain relieve I am feeling is unbelievable, no cracking either.  I’m a believer!”     Laura



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Green Compass. The Best CBD Products for your health

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 Have you tried CBD?  Do you know what CBD is?  Find out what CBD can do for your pet and you.  If you are having trouble sleeping, pain, metabolism and more, CBD may be the answer for you! And yes, Green Compass has CBD Isolate for Pets! Green Compass is a farm to door CBD product that you will want to learn more about.  Made right in North Carolina!  The Best CBD Oil Product for your health!  #CBD #CBDoil

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