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Luxury Shopping Abroad

All right, I have a downfall and it’s a big one…I love to go shopping! Obviously, I know I’m not the only one out there.  What woman does not love to shop? Funny thing is here in the states I shop online. I dread going to a mall, I probably only enter a mall once or twice a year. Crazy right? Fly me to Europe and you will swear I’m a totally different person. My wonderful husband is dragged into all kinds of designer shops.  Maybe it’s because shopping in European cities are made into such memorable experience.  An experience all women and men should give a try; Luxury shopping while traveling.

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Shopping at Night in Milan
Shopping at Night

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Night Browsing Stores
Night Browsing Stores

The Luxury Shopping Experience

Let’s say you want a designer purse. You enter the store and you actually have a salesperson that stays with you the whole time. Now you may think this is intrusive when you’re trying to look around, but its not here.  Actually it can be really helpful when you’re dealing with any kind of language barrier because the salespeople usually speak English and can answer any questions you may have.  Some of the shops can look intimidating; those at times turn out to be the best ones!  Here are a couple of my European luxury shopping experiences:

Linen Suit Bellagio
I even bought a little boys linen suit for Future Grandson one day! Bellagio Italy

Luxury Shopping in Paris

While spending the late afternoon having a few glasses of wine in the Tuileries Jardin with my husband Kevin, sister-in-law Tina and cousin Cathy we had a wonderful idea to go shopping.  One designer store caught our eye, boots and purses, oh my!  From the moment we entered the store we had a great time.  The sales people loved us so much they locked the doors! Even Kevin got into the mood as soon as they said men’s shoes were upstairs.  Each of us ended up leaving with new shoes, new boots and new purses. Correction, Kevin didn’t get a purse.

This memory I love because this is where it all began.  Now when I travel it’s like Christmas or my birthday because it means getting a purse or jewelry! Yea me!   Rome- Valentino and Armani of course. London– Chanel, Barcelona- Carrera y Carrera, Santorini– Andronis design, Paris- Chanel Jewelry, Milan- Hermes.

Valentino shopping in Rome
Valentino shopping in Rome
Valentino Rome Italy
Valentino love
Chanel Paris
Chanel Paris


Luxury Shopping Tip

I know what your thinking, I’m spoiled and I agree. However, there is one thing you need to know; designer purses are less expensive than in the states. Yes you heard me right. Either you cannot get the same design in the US or it will be less money. With each purse I have purchased I have spent sometimes ¼-1/2 less than what I would of paid in the Unites States. Take my Valentino, I purchased it in May in Rome, you could preorder it online in the United States for the fall at $1,500.00 more than what I paid. Specifically, the same exact purse. This includes the Vat that we get back at the airport.

Bust in Chanel Paris
Bust in Chanel Paris
Chandelier in Chanel Paris
Chandelier in Chanel

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Paris Shopping on Valentines Day

Truly, I was really wanting to purchase a Chanel long necklace. You know the ones; the Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills are always wearing (Lisa Vanderpump- hero). The only thing is I did not check into pricing before coming to Paris.

We were staying at the Hotel Ritz Paris and directly across the Vendôme was the Chanel Fine Jewelry. Since I was not very educated on the Chanel stores of Paris I did not realize we entered their fine, fine, fine jewelry.  Seeing some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I have ever seen, I was a little intimidated myself!  Guards are at the door, inside and near you when you try something on.  On the contrary, the saleswoman was not pretentious in anyway. She was very sweet and seemed to love seeing my excitement and nervousness.  Best thing, she let me try some on!

As soon as I entered my eyes indeed went to the emeralds.
Consequently , that’s me in the photo shaking because I have a 2.2 million dollar watch on my wrist.  My wonderful husband did end up buying a “little something” for our anniversary (you can spot it in the picture).  What an experience for particularly us shopper lovers!

Hence, the moral of story, go ahead and enter the store because you never know what you will miss out on if you don’t!

Chanel Paris. Hand is shaking with emerald watch!
Hand is shaking with emerald watch!
Me and the 2.2 million dollar watch
Me and the 2.2 million dollar watch
Celebration time at Chanel Paris
Celebration time at Chanel Paris

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Luxury shopping while traveling on your next vacation can end up being one of your trip highlights.Have some fun, walk in the designer shops and explore. #shopping #luxury

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