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Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo, Ciao, Namaste, Salaam, Zdras-tvuy-te, Ohio, Ahn-young-ha-se-yo, Merhaba, Sain bainuu, Szia, Marhaba, Sannu, Jambo, ni Hau, Nay Hoh and Halo!!!

Come join my husband Kevin and myself on our holidays. We hope we can entice you to travel too!

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* A usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something

* An intuitive grasp of reality through something (such as an event) usually simple and striking

* An illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

* A revealing scene or moment

(partial definition taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary)

After some thought I decided to rename my blog Epiphany to Travel.  There are a few reasons for this change.  One, I should have never named it as an extension to my event business, just not a good idea.  Two, I wanted my blog to represent what happened to me.  Three, I’m hoping I can integrate through writing the feel of an Epiphany into my travel experiences for you.  Four, I am hoping it will inspire more of you to travel and have your own Epiphany(s).

So, when and how did my Epiphany to Travel begin?  I am not talking about my love to travel when I was younger.  I have always loved traveling and fortunately my husband and I were able to experience some with our children in our 20’s, 30’s and early 40’s.  When I look back, the sentiment I had for travel then is totally different than what I have now.  This is about to get more personal…

Stroke.  Yes, that dreaded, nasty word.  Sure, I had some signs, headaches, blurred vision, but unfortunately, I chose to ignore them after all I was only 46.  Until one day in my office, my speech was incoherent, drooping of face, the whole “not feeling right”.  Rushed to the hospital, paralyzed right arm for a day and a week’s stay with every test done known to man.  The outcome- stroke, no specific reasons why, blood pressure and cholesterol a little high but not anything dangerous that should cause a stroke.

Before the stroke I was like so many that just thought you were going to live forever… no fear.  Boy, did that world change on me. Funny thing about having a near death experience, it can cause several modifications in you as a person.  Along with the everyday fear you face- will it happen again?

People experience an epiphany for many reasons, or no reason at all.  For me, it was realizing that life can be gone in an instance. Poof!  I realized I cannot take it for granted, I must see and experience things I have always dreamed about.  This epiphany gave me not only a motive, but an inner need to travel.  It has more meaning, substance, and an added personal fulfillment.

With that all being said, discovering and realizing the epiphany was the easy part.  Approaching travel after the stroke was a whole other issue, it was terrifying. In the beginning I had to take anxiety medicine just to get on a plane.  What if I had another stroke while on a plane?  And if I did, knowing the first moments are crucial would I survive?  Yes, all of this would run through my head until I was having a full-blown panic attack. But I was determined, and I didn’t really let anyone besides my husband know how frightening it was for me.  But you know what I have learned; having to push through something like fear only makes you appreciate the end results even more.

Travels from there on out have been filled with epiphanies. Not to take the word lightly, because it should be reserved for distinctive realizations, moments and/or sightings that have a direct effect on you.  So, this is what I would like to convey in my writing and photographs, epiphanies my husband and I have experienced.  My hope is that it will bring to you, your own epiphany to travel.